Current Members

Po-Kai CHANG | 張博凱

NTU Ph.D. Student, Yr 2018

2013-2015 | M.S. Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering,
National Central University


  • 張博凱, 蕭大智, 陳韡鼐, 周崇光, 張志忠, 無人飛行載具之氣膠採樣管流場及微粒軌跡數值模擬分析, 2018 年(第32 屆)環境分析化學研討會, 3-4 May, 2018

  • Po-Kai Chang  and Ta-Chih Hsiao, The numerical study of aerosol sampling inlet design for unmanned aerial vehicles, The 11th Asian Aerosol Conference, 2019, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 27-30 May. 2019.

  • Po-Kai Chang, Kuan Wu, Ta-Chih Hsiao, Discussion on Receptor Model PMF And PM2.5 Carbonaceous Component, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.


2018.08.14 | Journal Club | Kerner, Maximilian, et al. "Numerical and experimental study of submicron aerosol deposition in electret microfiber nonwovens." Journal of Aerosol Science 122 (2018): 32-44.

2018.09.20 | Journal Club | Sambaer, Wannes, Martin Zatloukal, and Dusan Kimmer. "3D air filtration modeling for nanofiber based filters in the ultrafine particle size range." Chemical engineering science 82 (2012): 299-311.

2018.10.29 | Journal Club | Hu, Shishan, and Andrew R. McFarland. "Circumferential-Slot Virtual Impactors with Stable Flow." Aerosol Science and Technology 42.9 (2008): 748-758.

2018.11.29 | Journal Club | Greene, Brian R., et al. "Considerations for temperature sensor placement on rotary-wing unmanned aircraft systems." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11.10 (2018): 5519-5530.

2018.12.28 | Journal Club | Dong, Ming, et al. "Numerical investigation on deposition process of submicron particles in collision with a single cylindrical fiber." Journal of Aerosol Science (2018).

2019.02.01 | Journal Club | Gong, H. N. K. A. R., N. K. Anand, and A. R. McFarland. "Numerical prediction of the performance of a shrouded probe sampling in turbulent flow." Aerosol science and technology 19.3 (1993): 294-304.

2019.03.21 | Journal Club | Peng, Zhong-Ren, et al. "A study of vertical distribution patterns of PM2. 5 concentrations based on ambient monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles: A case in Hangzhou, China." Atmospheric Environment 123 (2015): 357-369.

2019.05.17 | Journal Club | Choi, Hoseop, et al. "Controlled electrostatic focusing of charged aerosol nanoparticles via an electrified mask." Journal of Aerosol Science 88 (2015): 90-97.

2019.07.22 | Journal Club | Liu, Kan, et al. "A novel CFD-based method for predicting pressure drop and dust cake distribution of ceramic filter during filtration process at macro-scale." Powder Technology 353 (2019): 27-40.

2019.09.19 | Journal Club | Li, Shuran, et al. "A numerical model for predicting particle collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitators." Powder technology 347 (2019): 170-178.

2019.11.08 | Journal Club | Minghao, Yu, et al. "Numerical simulation of three-dimensional transient flow characteristics for a dual-fluid atomizer." Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 13.1 (2019): 1144-1152.

2019.12.26 | Journal Club | Hong, Wenpeng, Bihui Wang, and Jianxiang Zheng. "Numerical study on the influence of fine particle deposition characteristics on wall roughness." Powder Technology 360 (2020): 120-128.

2020.02.20 | Journal Club | Kim, Minjoong J., et al. "Computational fluid dynamics simulation of reactive fine particulate matter in a street canyon." Atmospheric environment 209 (2019): 54-66.

2020.04.01 | Journal Club | Fu, Xiangwen, et al. "High-resolution simulation of local traffic-related NOx dispersion and distribution in a complex urban terrain." Environmental Pollution (2020): 114390.

2020.05.20 | Journal Club | Salim, Salim Mohamed, et al. "Numerical simulation of atmospheric pollutant dispersion in an urban street canyon: Comparison between RANS and LES." Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 99.2-3 (2011): 103-113.

2020.07.10 | Journal Club | Wang, Mo, et al. "Carbonaceous aerosols recorded in a southeastern Tibetan glacier: analysis of temporal variations and model estimates of sources and radiative forcing." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (Online) 15.PNNL-SA-103290 (2015).

2020.08.27 | Journal Club | Cai, Ming, Yao Huang, and Zhanyong Wang. "Dynamic three-dimensional distribution of traffic pollutant at urban viaduct with the governance strategy." Atmospheric Pollution Research (2020).

2020.10.21 | Journal Club | He, Yueyang, Abel Tablada, and Nyuk Hien Wong. "A parametric study of angular road patterns on pedestrian ventilation in high-density urban areas." Building and environment 151 (2019): 251-267.

2020.12.04 | Journal Club | Toparlar, Y., et al. "A review on the CFD analysis of urban microclimate." Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews 80 (2017): 1613-1640.

2021.01.22 | Journal Club | Toja-Silva, Francisco, Carla Pregel-Hoderlein, and Jia Chen. "On the urban geometry generalization for CFD simulation of gas dispersion from chimneys: Comparison with Gaussian plume model." Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics 177 (2018): 1-18.

Kuo-En CHANG | 張國恩

NTU Postdoctoral Researcher, Yr 2020

2013-2020 | Ph.D. Graduate Institute of Space Science and Engineering,
National Central University

Ph.D. Thesis: Analysis and Improvement of Soot Effects on Satellite Retrievals of Aerosol Properties

2008-2010 | M.S. Graduate Institute of Space Science and Engineering,
National Central University


  • 張國恩、蕭大智、林唐煌, 開發新穎演算法反演向日葵八號衛星資料以獲得高時空間解析度之空品參數, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.

2020.07.15 | Journal Club | Zhang, Ming, et al. "Controlling factors analysis for the Himawari-8 aerosol optical depth accuracy from the standpoint of size distribution, solar zenith angles and scattering angles." Atmospheric Environment (2020): 117501.

2020.09.03 | Journal Club | Stowell, Jennifer D., et al. "Estimating PM 2.5 in Southern California using satellite data: factors that affect model performance." Environmental Research Letters (2020).

2020.10.30 | Journal Club | deSouza, Priyanka, et al. "Combining low-cost, surface-based aerosol monitors with size-resolved satellite data for air quality applications." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 13.10 (2020): 5319-5334.

Yu-Ting CHEN | 陳昱廷

NTU Ph.D. Student, Yr 2020

2017-2019 | M.S. Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering,
National Taiwan University


  • Tu-Ting Chen, Yi-Da Li , Ta-Chih Hsiao, Aging of Black Carbon Particles Induced by Ambient Air under Simulated Sunlight, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.

2020.06.10 | Journal Club | Ren, Haixia, et al. "Quartz filter-based thermal desorption gas chromatography mass spectrometry for in-situ molecular level measurement of ambient organic aerosols." Journal of Chromatography A 1589 (2019): 141-148.

2020.07.29 | Journal Club | Sumlin, Benjamin J., et al. "Atmospheric photooxidation diminishes light absorption by primary brown carbon aerosol from biomass burning." Environmental Science & Technology Letters 4.12 (2017): 540-545.

2020.09.09 | Journal Club | Lyu, Xiaopu, et al. "In-situ measurements of molecular markers facilitate understanding of dynamic sources of atmospheric organic aerosols." Environmental Science & Technology (2020).

2020.11.06 | Journal Club | Kuang, Yu, and Jing Shang. "Changes in light absorption by brown carbon in soot particles due to heterogeneous ozone aging in a smog chamber." Environmental Pollution 266 (2020): 115273.

2020.12.24 | Journal Club | Takhar, Manpreet, Craig A. Stroud, and Arthur WH Chan. "Volatility Distribution and Evaporation Rates of Organic Aerosol from Cooking Oils and their Evolution upon Heterogeneous Oxidation." ACS Earth and Space Chemistry 3.9 (2019): 1717-1728.

Li-Ti CHOU | 周立媞

Research Assistant, Yr 2020

NTU MS Thesis: The relationship between airborne particulate matter oxidative potential and its characteristics in Taiwan urban area


  • Li-Ti Chou and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Development and validation of an online method for determination of the oxidative potential of airborne fine particulate matter, The 28th Joint KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering , Taipei, 4-6 July. 2019.

  • Li-Ti Chou and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Oxidative Potential of Airborne Particulate Matters in Taiwan Urban Area, International Environmental Engineering Conference & Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Environmental Engineers jointly with the 4th International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource 2019 (IEEC & BWR 2019), Busan, Korea, 10-13 Dec. 2019.

  • 周立媞、蕭大智, 分析台灣都市地區粒狀污染物之物化特性與其氧化潛勢之關係, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.

Chin-Yu CHAN | 詹智宇

NTU MS Student, Yr 2020

Undergraduate School: National Chung Cheng University, Chiayi, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Earth and Environmental Science


2020.06.24 | Journal Club | Li, Yugen, et al. "Quantifying the relationship between visibility degradation and PM2. 5 constituents at a suburban site in Hong Kong: Differentiating contributions from hydrophilic and hydrophobic organic compounds." Science of The Total Environment 575 (2017): 1571-1581.

2020.09.24 | Journal Club | Kasthuriarachchi, Nethmi Y., et al. "Light Absorbing Properties of Primary and Secondary Brown Carbon in a Tropical Urban Environment." Environmental Science & Technology 54.17 (2020): 10808-10819.

2020.11.19 | Journal Club | Jung, Chang H., et al. "Approximated expression of the hygroscopic growth factor for polydispersed aerosols." Journal of Aerosol Science 151 (2020): 105670.

Jun-Fa YEH | 葉俊發

NTU MS Student, Yr 2020

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2020.06.24 | Journal Club | Han, Ling, et al. "Seasonal variation in health impacts associated with visibility in Beijing, China." Science of The Total Environment (2020): 139149.

2020.09.08 | Journal Club | Shen, Chuanyang, et al. "Measurement report: Aerosol hygroscopic properties extended to 600 nm in the urban environment." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions (2020): 1-22.

2020.11.19 | Shen, Lijuan, et al. "Chemical composition, water content and size distribution of aerosols during different development stages of regional haze episodes over the North China Plain." Atmospheric Environment (2020): 118020.

Chun-Chen LU | 呂淳珍

NTU MS Student, Yr 2020

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2020.04.15 | Journal Club | Hakimzadeh, Maryam, et al. "The impact of biomass burning on the oxidative potential of PM2. 5 in the metropolitan area of Milan." Atmospheric Environment 224 (2020): 117328.

2020.10.08 | Journal Club | Chen, Chunrong, et al. "Chemical characteristics and source apportionment of ambient PM1. 0 and PM2. 5 in a polluted city in North China plain." Atmospheric Environment 242 (2020): 117867.

2020.12.03 | Journal Club | Du, Tao, et al. "Characteristics and Formation Mechanisms of Winter Particulate Pollution in Lanzhou, Northwest China." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 125.18 (2020): e2020JD033369.

Jui-Hung YEN | 顏睿紘

NTU MS Student, Yr 2020

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2020.04.15 | Journal Club | Bøifot, Kari Oline, et al. "Performance evaluation of a new custom, multi-component DNA isolation method optimized for use in shotgun metagenomic sequencing-based aerosol microbiome research." Environmental Microbiome 15.1 (2020): 1-23.

2020.10.08 | Journal Club | Yang, Ying, et al. "Characterization of airborne antibiotic resistance genes from typical bioaerosol emission sources in the urban environment using metagenomic approach." Chemosphere 213 (2018): 463-471.

2020.11.20 | Journal Club | Han, Yunping, et al. "Characteristics of submicron aerosols produced during aeration in wastewater treatment." Science of The Total Environment 696 (2019): 134019.

Yan-Hsuan LIN | 林晏瑄

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Taipei University of Technology, Taipei, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Chemical Engineering & Biotechnology


2020.07.01 | Journal Club | Xiao, Hong‐Wei, et al. "Differentiation between nitrate aerosol formation pathways in a southeast Chinese city by dual isotope and modeling studies." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 125.13 (2020): e2020JD032604.

2020.08.12 | Journal Club | Luo, Li, et al. "Origins of aerosol nitrate in Beijing during late winter through spring." Science of The Total Environment 653 (2019): 776-782.

2020.10.08 | Journal Club | Wang, Kun, et al. "Isotopic constraints on the formation pathways and sources of atmospheric nitrate in the Mt. Everest region." Environmental Pollution 267 (2020): 115274.

2020.11.20 | Journal Club | Feng, Xiaoqing, et al. "Impact of Coal Replacing Project on atmospheric fine aerosol nitrate loading and formation pathways in urban Tianjin: Insights from chemical composition and 15N and 18O isotope ratios." Science of The Total Environment 708 (2020): 134797.

2021.01.08 | Journal Club | He, Pengzhen, et al. "The observation of isotopic compositions of atmospheric nitrate in Shanghai China and its implication for reactive nitrogen chemistry." Science of The Total Environment 714 (2020): 136727.

Hsiang-Hao CHUANG | 莊享豪

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


  • Hsiang-Hao Chuang , Yu-Hsuan Cheng, Po-Kai Chang, Ching-Chun Lin, Tzu-Ting Yang, Hsiao-Chi Chuang, Ta-Chih Hsiao*, Pau-Chung Chen, Ultrafine Particles Transmission in an Operating Room Revealed Through CFD Simulation and In-site Monitoring, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.

2020.04.29 | Journal Club | Zeng, Lingjie, et al. "Markov-chain-based inverse modeling to fast localize hazardous gaseous pollutant sources in buildings with ventilation systems." Building and Environment 169 (2020): 106584.

2020.06.10 | Journal Club | Qiao, Yuechen, et al. "Morphological Characterization of Particles Emitted from Monopolar Electrosurgical Pencils." Journal of Aerosol Science (2020): 105512.

2020.07.29 | Journal Club | Li, He, Ke Zhong, and Zhiqiang John Zhai. "Investigating the influences of ventilation on the fate of particles generated by patient and medical staff in operating room." Building and Environment (2020): 107038.

2020.09.09 | Journal Club | Wang, Haidong, and Zhiqiang John Zhai. "Analyzing grid independency and numerical viscosity of computational fluid dynamics for indoor environment applications." Building and environment 52 (2012): 107-118.

2020.11.06 | Journal Club | Li, Chun-I., Jar-Yuan Pai, and Chih-Hsuan Chen. "Characterization of smoke generated during the use of surgical knife in laparotomy surgeries." Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 70.3 (2020): 324-332.

2020.12.24 | Journal Club | Chen, Chun, et al. "A Markov chain model for predicting transient particle transport in enclosed environments." Building and Environment 90 (2015): 30-36.

Jih-Hsun YEH | 葉日勛

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.09.02 | Journal Club | Talukdar, Shamitaksha, et al. "Influence of black carbon aerosol on the atmospheric instability." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124.10 (2019): 5539-5554.

2019.10.23 | Journal Club | Altstädter, B., et al. "ALADINA–an unmanned research aircraft for observing vertical and horizontal distributions of ultrafine particles within the atmospheric boundary layer." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8.4 (2015): 1627-1639.

2020.02.06 | Journal Club | Omidvarborna, Hamid, Prashant Kumar, and Arvind Tiwari. "‘Envilution™’chamber for performance evaluation of low-cost sensors." Atmospheric Environment (2020): 117264.

2020.03.18 | Journal Club | Qin, Xiaoliang, et al. "The evaluation and optimization of calibration methods for low-cost particulate matter sensors: Inter-comparison between fixed and mobile methods." Science of The Total Environment 715 (2020): 136791.

2020.05.19 | Journal Club | Ratnam, M. Venkat, et al. "Vertically resolved black carbon measurements and associated heating rates obtained using in situ balloon platform." Atmospheric Environment (2020): 117541.

2020.08.05 | Journal Club | Altstädter, Barbara, et al. "The vertical variability of black carbon observed in the atmospheric boundary layer during DACCIWA." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 20.13 (2020): 7911-7928.

2020.10.21 | Journal Club | Padró-Martínez, Luz T., et al. "Mobile monitoring of particle number concentration and other traffic-related air pollutants in a near-highway neighborhood over the course of a year." Atmospheric Environment 61 (2012): 253-264.

2020.12.04 | Journal Club | Wren, Sumi N., et al. "Elucidating real-world vehicle emission factors from mobile measurements over a large metropolitan region: a focus on isocyanic acid, hydrogen cyanide, and black carbon." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18.23 (2018): 16979-17001.

Tsai-Ling CHEN | 陳彩鈴

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


碩士班同學 陳彩鈴 榮獲第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會學生論文英文短講競賽第一名。

  • Tsai-Ling Chen, Shih-Hsin Cheng, Kai-Chien Yang, Ta-Chih Hsiao, Animal Exposure Study to Investigate the Impact of Electronic Cigarette Aerosols on Atherosclerosis, International Environmental Engineering Conference & Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Environmental Engineers jointly with the 4th International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource 2019 (IEEC & BWR 2019), Busan, Korea, 10-13 Dec. 2019.

  • Tsai-Ling Chen, Kai-Chien Yang, Ta-Chih Hsiao, Impact of Inhaling Electronic Cigarette Aerosols on Atherosclerosis: The ApoE-/- Mouse Model, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.

2019.09.02 | Journal Club | Nguyen, Charlene, et al. "Fine and ultrafine particles concentrations in vape shops." Atmospheric Environment 211 (2019): 159-169.

2019.10.23 | Journal Club | Williams, Monique, Jun Li, and Prue Talbot. "Effects of Model, Method of Collection, and Topography on Chemical Elements and Metals in the Aerosol of Tank-Style Electronic Cigarettes." Scientific Reports 9.1 (2019): 1-14.

2020.02.06 | Journal Club | Sosnowski, Tomasz R., and Marcin Odziomek. "Particle size dynamics: Toward a better understanding of electronic cigarette aerosol interactions with the respiratory system." Frontiers in physiology 9 (2018): 853.

2020.03.18 | Journal Club | Karg, Erwin W., et al. "Is the particle deposition in a cell exposure facility comparable to the lungs? A computer model approach." Aerosol Science and Technology just-accepted (2020): 1-27.

2020.05.19 | Journal Club | Li, Liqiao, et al. "Effects of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and nicotine on emissions and dynamics of electronic cigarette aerosols." Aerosol Science and Technology just-accepted (2020): 1-15.

2020.08.05 | Journal Club | Dusautoir, Romain, et al. "Comparison of the chemical composition of aerosols from heated tobacco products, electronic cigarettes and tobacco cigarettes and their toxic impacts on the human bronchial epithelial BEAS-2B cells." Journal of Hazardous Materials (2020): 123417.

2020.09.18 | Journal Club | Blair, Sandra L., et al. "A real-time fast-flow tube study of VOC and particulate emissions from electronic, potentially reduced-harm, conventional, and reference cigarettes." Aerosol Science and Technology 49.9 (2015): 816-827.

2020.11.13 | Journal Club | Wilson, Mark D., et al. "Characteristics of metallic nanoparticles emitted from heated Kanthal e-cigarette coils." Journal of Nanoparticle Research 21.7 (2019): 156.

2020.12.31 | Journal Club | Olmedo, Pablo, et al. "Metal concentrations in e-cigarette liquid and aerosol samples: the contribution of metallic coils." Environmental health perspectives 126.2 (2018): 027010.

Chen-Hao LAI | 賴晨昊

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


  • Chen-Hao Lai, Ta-Chih Hsiao, Influence of Particle Size Distribution on IoT PM Sensor’s Data Quality, 第二十七屆國際氣膠科技研討會-2020年細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)與空氣品質改善研討會, 雲林科技大學, 25-26 Sep. 2020.

2019.11.22 | Journal Club | Chambers, Scott D., and Agnieszka Podstawczyńska. "Improved method for characterising temporal variability in urban air quality part II: Particulate matter and precursors in central Poland." Atmospheric Environment 219 (2019): 117040.

2020.01.09 | Journal Club | De La Cruz, Alex Ruben Huaman, et al. "Evaluation of the impact of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on air quality in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil." Atmospheric Environment 203 (2019): 206-215.

2020.03.11 | Journal Club | Moutinho, Jennifer L., et al. "Near-road vehicle emissions air quality monitoring for exposure modeling." Atmospheric Environment (2020): 117318.

2020.04.22 | Journal Club | Heintzenberg, J., Birmili, W., Hellack, B., Merkel, M., Spindler, G., Tuch, T., Weinhold, K., and Wiedensohler, A.: Aerosol immission maps and trends over Germany with hourly data at four rural background stations from 2009 to 2018, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.

2020.06.03 | Journal Club | Askariyeh, Mohammad Hashem, Joe Zietsman, and Robin Autenrieth. "Traffic contribution to PM2. 5 increment in the near-road environment." Atmospheric Environment (2019): 117113.

2020.07.22 | Journal Club | Rattigan, O. V., et al. "Pollutant measurements at near road and urban background sites in New York, USA." Atmospheric Pollution Research (2020).

2020.09.03 | Journal Club | Belkacem, Ines, et al. "The influence of urban road traffic on nanoparticles: Roadside measurements." Atmospheric Environment (2020): 117786.

2020.10.30 | Journal Club | Zhou, Ying, et al. "Variation of size-segregated particle number concentrations in wintertime Beijing." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics (2020).

Ya-Shiuan LIU | 劉亞璇

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


  • 劉亞璇、侯文哲、蕭大智*, 建立與開發串聯DMA-SP ICP-MS複合系統以即時分析大氣奈米微粒之分徑成份分佈, 2018玉山永續環境論壇暨第15屆環境保護與奈米科技學術研討會, 國立成功大學, 22 May 2018.

2017.08.24 | Journal Club | Myojo, Toshihiko, Mitsutoshi Takaya, and Mariko Ono-Ogasawara. "DMA as a gas converter from aerosol to" argonsol" for real-time chemical analysis using ICP-MS." Aerosol Science & Technology 36.1 (2002): 76-83.

2017.10.06 | Journal Club | Elzey, Sherrie, et al. "Real-time size discrimination and elemental analysis of gold nanoparticles using ES-DMA coupled to ICP-MS." Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 405.7 (2013): 2279-2288.

2017.11.23 | Journal Club | Tan, Jiaojie, et al. "Electrospray-Differential Mobility Hyphenated with Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Characterization of Nanoparticles and Their Aggregates." Analytical chemistry 88.17 (2016): 8548-8555.

2017.12.22 | Journal Club | Hess, Adrian, Mohamed Tarik, and Christian Ludwig. "A hyphenated SMPS–ICPMS coupling setup: size-resolved element specific analysis of airborne nanoparticles." Journal of Aerosol Science 88 (2015): 109-118.

2018.02.05 | Journal Club | Yin, Shasha, et al. "Characteristics of inorganic aerosol formation over ammonia-poor and ammonia-rich areas in the Pearl River Delta region, China." Atmospheric Environment (2018).

2018.03.29 | Journal Club | Bhuyan, Pranamika, et al. "Chemical characterization and source apportionment of aerosol over mid Brahmaputra Valley, India." Environmental Pollution 234 (2018): 997-1010.

2018.05.09 | Journal Club | Nishiguchi, Kohei, Keisuke Utani, and Eiji Fujimori. "Real-time multielement monitoring of airborne particulate matter using ICP-MS instrument equipped with gas converter apparatus." Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 23.8 (2008): 1125-1129.

2018.06.29 | Journal Club | López, María Laura, et al. "Elemental concentration and source identification of PM10 and PM2. 5 by SR-XRF in Córdoba City, Argentina." Atmospheric environment 45.31 (2011): 5450-5457.

2018.10.12 | Journal Club | Losert, Sabrina, et al. "Online characterization of nano-aerosols released by commercial spray products using SMPS–ICPMS coupling." Journal of nanoparticle research 17.7 (2015): 293.

2019.01.10 | Journal Club | Hess, Adrian, et al. "Measuring air borne nanoparticles for characterizing hyphenated RDD-SMPS-ICPMS instrumentation." Journal of Aerosol Science 92 (2016): 130-141.

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