Current Members

Po-Kai CHANG | 張博凱

NTU Ph.D. Student, Yr 2018

2013-2015 | M.S. Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering,
National Central University

MS Thesis: 以數值模擬分析狹縫型虛擬衝擊器之效能


2018.08.14 | Journal Club | Kerner, Maximilian, et al. "Numerical and experimental study of submicron aerosol deposition in electret microfiber nonwovens." Journal of Aerosol Science 122 (2018): 32-44.

2018.09.20 | Journal Club | Sambaer, Wannes, Martin Zatloukal, and Dusan Kimmer. "3D air filtration modeling for nanofiber based filters in the ultrafine particle size range." Chemical engineering science 82 (2012): 299-311.

2018.10.29 | Journal Club | Hu, Shishan, and Andrew R. McFarland. "Circumferential-Slot Virtual Impactors with Stable Flow." Aerosol Science and Technology 42.9 (2008): 748-758.

2018.11.29 | Journal Club | Greene, Brian R., et al. "Considerations for temperature sensor placement on rotary-wing unmanned aircraft systems." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11.10 (2018): 5519-5530.

2018.12.28 | Journal Club | Dong, Ming, et al. "Numerical investigation on deposition process of submicron particles in collision with a single cylindrical fiber." Journal of Aerosol Science (2018).

2019.02.01 | Journal Club | Gong, H. N. K. A. R., N. K. Anand, and A. R. McFarland. "Numerical prediction of the performance of a shrouded probe sampling in turbulent flow." Aerosol science and technology 19.3 (1993): 294-304.

2019.03.21 | Journal Club | Peng, Zhong-Ren, et al. "A study of vertical distribution patterns of PM2. 5 concentrations based on ambient monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles: A case in Hangzhou, China." Atmospheric Environment 123 (2015): 357-369.

2019.05.17 | Journal Club | Choi, Hoseop, et al. "Controlled electrostatic focusing of charged aerosol nanoparticles via an electrified mask." Journal of Aerosol Science 88 (2015): 90-97.

2019.07.22 | Journal Club | Liu, Kan, et al. "A novel CFD-based method for predicting pressure drop and dust cake distribution of ceramic filter during filtration process at macro-scale." Powder Technology 353 (2019): 27-40.

2019.09.19 | Journal Club | Li, Shuran, et al. "A numerical model for predicting particle collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitators." Powder technology 347 (2019): 170-178.

Yu-Hui WANG | 王瑜慧

Research Assistant, Yr 2019

2016-2018 | M.S. Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering,
National Central University

MS Thesis: 台北都會區PM1.0微粒物理特徵描述與含碳氣膠來源分析


Chen-Hua WANG | 王振驊

Research Assistant, Yr 2019

2014-2018 | B.S. Department of Environmental Engineering,
National Cheng Kung University


2019.04.26 | Journal Club | Weber, Christian, Ingrid Sundvor, and Erik Figenbaum. "Comparison of regulated emission factors of Euro 6-LDV in Nordic temperatures and cold start conditions: Diesel-and Gasoline direct-injection." Atmospheric Environment (2019).

2019.07.08 | Journal Club | Bisig, Christoph, et al. "Assessment of lung cell toxicity of various gasoline engine exhausts using a versatile in vitro exposure system." Environmental pollution 235 (2018): 263-271.

Jih-Hsun YEH | 葉日勛

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.09.02 | Journal Club | Talukdar, Shamitaksha, et al. "Influence of black carbon aerosol on the atmospheric instability." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124.10 (2019): 5539-5554.

2019.10.23 | Journal Club | Altstädter, B., et al. "ALADINA–an unmanned research aircraft for observing vertical and horizontal distributions of ultrafine particles within the atmospheric boundary layer." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8.4 (2015): 1627-1639.

Tsai-Ling CHEN | 陳彩鈴

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.09.02 | Journal Club | Nguyen, Charlene, et al. "Fine and ultrafine particles concentrations in vape shops." Atmospheric Environment 211 (2019): 159-169.

2019.10.23 | Journal Club | Williams, Monique, Jun Li, and Prue Talbot. "Effects of Model, Method of Collection, and Topography on Chemical Elements and Metals in the Aerosol of Tank-Style Electronic Cigarettes." Scientific Reports 9.1 (2019): 1-14.

Chen-Hao LAI | 賴晨昊

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019. | Journal Club |

Po-Chang HUNG | 洪伯彰

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Safety Health and Environmental Engr.


2019.07.30 | Journal Club | He, Ling-Yan, et al. "Fine particle emissions from on-road vehicles in the Zhujiang Tunnel, China." Environmental science & technology 42.12 (2008): 4461-4466.

2019.09.12 | Journal Club | Lin, Y-C., et al. "Characteristics of trace metals in traffic-derived particles in Hsuehshan Tunnel, Taiwan: size distribution, potential source, and fingerprinting metal ratio." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15.8 (2015): 4117-4130.

2019.10.31 | Journal Club | Cheng, Yu-Hsiang, Zhen-Shu Liu, and Chih-Chieh Chen. "On-road measurements of ultrafine particle concentration profiles and their size distributions inside the longest highway tunnel in Southeast Asia." Atmospheric Environment 44.6 (2010): 763-772.

Yu-Hsuan CHENG | 鄭宇軒

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.07.30 | Journal Club | Huang, Xiao-Feng, et al. "Size distribution characteristics of elemental carbon emitted from Chinese vehicles: results of a tunnel study and atmospheric implications." Environmental science & technology 40.17 (2006): 5355-5360.

Kuan WU | 吳寬

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.03.05 | Journal Club | Kim, Eugene, Philip K. Hopke, and Eric S. Edgerton. "Improving source identification of Atlanta aerosol using temperature resolved carbon fractions in positive matrix factorization." Atmospheric Environment 38.20 (2004): 3349-3362.

2019.04.18 | Journal Club | Owoade, Kayode O., et al. "Chemical compositions and source identification of particulate matter (PM2. 5 and PM2. 5–10) from a scrap iron and steel smelting industry along the Ife–Ibadan highway, Nigeria." Atmospheric Pollution Research 6.1 (2015): 107-119.

2019.06.13 | Journal Club | Moreno, Teresa, et al. "Daily and hourly sourcing of metallic and mineral dust in urban air contaminated by traffic and coal-burning emissions." Atmospheric Environment 68 (2013): 33-44.

2019.08.05 | Journal Club | Chen, L-W. Antony, et al. "Toward effective source apportionment using positive matrix factorization: Experiments with simulated PM2. 5 data." Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 60.1 (2010): 43-54.

Yi-Da LI | 李易達

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2018.10.11 | Journal Club | Farmer, Delphine K., and Jose L. Jimenez. "Real-time atmospheric chemistry field instrumentation." (2010): 7879-7884.

2018.11.14 | Journal Club | Bal, Manisha, Thamatam Tejaswini Reddy, and B. C. Meikap. "Removal of HCl Gas from Off Gases using Self-Priming Venturi Scrubber." Journal of hazardous materials (2018).

2018.12.13 | Journal Club | Pak, S. I., and K. S. Chang. "Performance estimation of a Venturi scrubber using a computational model for capturing dust particles with liquid spray." Journal of hazardous materials 138.3 (2006): 560-573.

2019.01.11 | Journal Club | Horiguchi, Naoki, Hiroyuki Yoshida, and Yutaka Abe. "Numerical simulation of two-phase flow behavior in Venturi scrubber by interface tracking method." Nuclear Engineering and Design 310 (2016): 580-586.

2019.02.19 | Journal Club | Lim, K. S., S. H. Lee, and H. S. Park. "Prediction for particle removal efficiency of a reverse jet scrubber." Journal of Aerosol Science 37.12 (2006): 1826-1839.

2019.04.11 | Journal Club | Han, Chong, et al. "Key role of organic carbon in the sunlight-enhanced atmospheric aging of soot by O2." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 109.52 (2012): 21250-21255.

2019.06.05 | Journal Club | Peng, Jianfei, et al. "Markedly enhanced absorption and direct radiative forcing of black carbon under polluted urban environments." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.16 (2016): 4266-4271.

2019.08.02 | Journal Club | Li, Kangwei, et al. "Smog chamber study on aging of combustion soot in isoprene/SO2/NOx system: Changes of mass, size, effective density, morphology and mixing state." Atmospheric Research 184 (2017): 139-148.

2019.09.12 | Journal Club | Zhang, Renyi, et al. "Variability in morphology, hygroscopicity, and optical properties of soot aerosols during atmospheric processing." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105.30 (2008): 10291-10296.

2019.11.14 | Journal Club | Pierce, J. R., et al. "Constraining particle evolution from wall losses, coagulation, and condensation-evaporation in smog-chamber experiments: optimal estimation based on size distribution measurements." Aerosol Science and Technology 42.12 (2008): 1001-1015.

Li-Ti CHOU | 周立媞

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2018.08.07 | Journal Club | Eiguren-Fernandez, Arantzazu, Nathan Kreisberg, and Susanne Hering. "An online monitor of the oxidative capacity of aerosols (o-MOCA)." Atmospheric measurement techniques 10.2 (2017): 633.

2018.08.30 | Journal Club | Cho, Arthur K., et al. "Redox activity of airborne particulate matter at different sites in the Los Angeles Basin." Environmental Research 99.1 (2005): 40-47.

2018.10.18 | Journal Club | Liu, Qingyang, et al. "Oxidative potential and inflammatory impacts of source apportioned ambient air pollution in Beijing." Environmental science & technology 48.21 (2014): 12920-12929.

2018.11.22 | Journal Club |Puthussery, Joseph V., Chen Zhang, and Vishal Verma. "Development and field testing of an online instrument for measuring the real-time oxidative potential of ambient particulate matter based on dithiothreitol assay." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11.10 (2018): 5767-5780.

2018.12.21 | Journal Club | Samake, A., et al. "The unexpected role of bioaerosols in the Oxidative Potential of PM." Scientific reports 7.1 (2017): 10978.

2019.01.23 | Journal Club | King, L. E., and R. J. Weber. "Development and testing of an online method to measure ambient fine particulate reactive oxygen species (ROS) based on the 2', 7'-dichlorofluorescin (DCFH) assay." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 6.7 (2013): 1647-1658.

2019.03.14 | Journal Club | Charrier, Jessica G., et al. "Oxidant production from source-oriented particulate matter–Part 1: Oxidative potential using the dithiothreitol (DTT) assay." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15.5 (2015): 2327-2340.

2019.05.02 | Journal Club | Charrier, J. G., and C. Anastasio. "On dithiothreitol (DTT) as a measure of oxidative potential for ambient particles: evidence for the importance of soluble transition metals." Atmospheric chemistry and physics (Print) 12.5 (2012): 11317.

2019.07.15 | Journal Club | Bates, Josephine T., et al. "Review of acellular assays of ambient particulate matter oxidative potential: Methods and relationships with composition, sources, and health effects." Environmental science & technology 53.8 (2019): 4003-4019.

2019.08.05 | Journal Club | Tong, Haijie, et al. "Reactive oxygen species formed by secondary organic aerosols in water and surrogate lung fluid." Environmental science & technology 52.20 (2018): 11642-11651.

Che-An WU | 吳哲安

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2018.08.24 | Journal Club | Kuwata, Mikinori, Yutaka Kondo, and Nobuyuki Takegawa. "Critical condensed mass for activation of black carbon as cloud condensation nuclei in Tokyo." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 114.D20 (2009).

2018.10.04 | Journal Club | Saha, Provat K., Andrey Khlystov, and Andrew P. Grieshop. "Downwind evolution of the volatility and mixing state of near-road aerosols near a US interstate highway." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18.3 (2018): 2139-2154.

2018.11.07 | Journal Club | Gao, Chloe Y., Susanne E. Bauer, and Kostas Tsigaridis. "Can semi-volatile organic aerosols lead to fewer cloud particles?." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18.19 (2018): 14243-14251.


2018.12.08 | Journal Club | Zhang, Yinxiao, et al. "Direct observations of fine primary particles from residential coal burning: insights into their morphology, composition, and hygroscopicity." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (2018).

2019.01.04 | Journal Club | Tang, Xiaochen, et al. "Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activity of aliphatic amine secondary aerosol." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14.12 (2014): 5959-5967.

2019.02.14 | Journal Club | Wang, Jian, et al. "Cloud droplet activation of secondary organic aerosol is mainly controlled by molecular weight, not water solubility." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19.2 (2019): 941-954.

2019.03.28 | Journal Club | Wu, J., Faccinetto, A., Grimonprez, S., Batut, S., Yon, J., Desgroux, P., and Petitprez, D.: Influence of the dry aerosol particle size distribution and morphology on the cloud condensation nuclei activation. An experimental and theoretical investigation, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,, in review, 2019.

2019.05.23 | Journal Club | Cain, Kerrigan P., and Spyros N. Pandis. "A technique for the measurement of organic aerosol hygroscopicity, oxidation level, and volatility distributions." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 10.12 (2017): 4865-4876.

2019.07.22 | Journal Club | Yin, Zi, et al. "Size-resolved effective density of urban aerosols in Shanghai." Atmospheric Environment 100 (2015): 133-140.

2019.09.19 | Journal Club | Rissler, Jenny, et al. "Effective density and mixing state of aerosol particles in a near-traffic urban environment." Environmental science & technology 48.11 (2014): 6300-6308.

2019.11.14 | Journal Club | Huang, Wei, et al. "Seasonal characteristics of organic aerosol chemical composition and volatility in Stuttgart, Germany." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 19.18 (2019): 11687-11700.

Ya-Shiuan LIU | 劉亞璇

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2017.08.24 | Journal Club | Myojo, Toshihiko, Mitsutoshi Takaya, and Mariko Ono-Ogasawara. "DMA as a gas converter from aerosol to" argonsol" for real-time chemical analysis using ICP-MS." Aerosol Science & Technology 36.1 (2002): 76-83.

2017.10.06 | Journal Club | Elzey, Sherrie, et al. "Real-time size discrimination and elemental analysis of gold nanoparticles using ES-DMA coupled to ICP-MS." Analytical and bioanalytical chemistry 405.7 (2013): 2279-2288.

2017.11.23 | Journal Club | Tan, Jiaojie, et al. "Electrospray-Differential Mobility Hyphenated with Single Particle Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry for Characterization of Nanoparticles and Their Aggregates." Analytical chemistry 88.17 (2016): 8548-8555.

2017.12.22 | Journal Club | Hess, Adrian, Mohamed Tarik, and Christian Ludwig. "A hyphenated SMPS–ICPMS coupling setup: size-resolved element specific analysis of airborne nanoparticles." Journal of Aerosol Science 88 (2015): 109-118.

2018.02.05 | Journal Club | Yin, Shasha, et al. "Characteristics of inorganic aerosol formation over ammonia-poor and ammonia-rich areas in the Pearl River Delta region, China." Atmospheric Environment (2018).

2018.03.29 | Journal Club | Bhuyan, Pranamika, et al. "Chemical characterization and source apportionment of aerosol over mid Brahmaputra Valley, India." Environmental Pollution 234 (2018): 997-1010.

2018.05.09 | Journal Club | Nishiguchi, Kohei, Keisuke Utani, and Eiji Fujimori. "Real-time multielement monitoring of airborne particulate matter using ICP-MS instrument equipped with gas converter apparatus." Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectrometry 23.8 (2008): 1125-1129.

2018.06.29 | Journal Club | López, María Laura, et al. "Elemental concentration and source identification of PM10 and PM2. 5 by SR-XRF in Córdoba City, Argentina." Atmospheric environment 45.31 (2011): 5450-5457.

2018.10.12 | Journal Club | Losert, Sabrina, et al. "Online characterization of nano-aerosols released by commercial spray products using SMPS–ICPMS coupling." Journal of nanoparticle research 17.7 (2015): 293.

2019.01.10 | Journal Club | Hess, Adrian, et al. "Measuring air borne nanoparticles for characterizing hyphenated RDD-SMPS-ICPMS instrumentation." Journal of Aerosol Science 92 (2016): 130-141.

  • 劉亞璇、侯文哲、蕭大智*, 建立與開發串聯DMA-SP ICP-MS複合系統以即時分析大氣奈米微粒之分徑成份分佈, 2018玉山永續環境論壇暨第15屆環境保護與奈米科技學術研討會, 國立成功大學, 22 May 2018.

Ting-Hsuan WANG | 王婷萱

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2017.09.15 | Journal Club | Shen, X. J., et al. "Characterization of submicron aerosols and effect on visibility during a severe haze-fog episode in Yangtze River Delta, China." Atmospheric Environment 120 (2015): 307-316.

2017.10.21 | Journal Club | Zhao, Hujia, et al. "Characteristics of visibility and particulate matter (PM) in an urban area of Northeast China." Atmospheric Pollution Research 4.4 (2013): 427-434.

2017.11.23 | Journal Club | Deng, Junjun, et al. "Comparative study on long-term visibility trend and its affecting factors on both sides of the Taiwan Strait." Atmospheric research 143 (2014): 266-278.

2017.12.21 | Journal Club | Wang, Hongqiang, et al. "Characterization of black carbon concentrations of haze with different intensities in Shanghai by a three-year field measurement." Atmospheric environment 99 (2014): 536-545.

2018.01.30 | Journal Club | Shi, Yang, et al. "Airborne submicron particulate (PM1) pollution in Shanghai, China: Chemical variability, formation/dissociation of associated semi-volatile components and the impacts on visibility." Science of the Total Environment 473 (2014): 199-206.

2018.03.25 | Journal Club | Cesari, D., et al. "Seasonal variability of PM2. 5 and PM10 composition and sources in an urban background site in Southern Italy." Science of the Total Environment 612 (2018): 202-213.

2018.07.18 | Journal Club | Zhang, Qiang, et al. "Effects of meteorology and secondary particle formation on visibility during heavy haze events in Beijing, China." Science of the Total Environment 502 (2015): 578-584.

2018.11.16 | Zhao, Tong, et al. "Chemical characteristics of PM1/PM2. 5 and influence on visual range at the summit of Mount Tai, North China." Science of the Total Environment 575 (2017): 458-466.

2018.12.27 | Journal Club | Srinivas, Bikkina, and M. M. Sarin. "PM2. 5, EC and OC in atmospheric outflow from the Indo-Gangetic Plain: Temporal variability and aerosol organic carbon-to-organic mass conversion factor." Science of the Total Environment 487 (2014): 196-205.

Sih-Yu CHEN | 陳思宇

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2017.09.30 | Journal Club | Zhu, Yifang, et al. "Concentration and size distribution of ultrafine particles near a major highway." Journal of the air & waste management association 52.9 (2002): 1032-1042.

2017.10.27 | Journal Club | Achtert, Peggy, et al. "Hygroscopic growth of tropospheric particle number size distributions over the North China Plain." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 114.D2 (2009).

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2017.12.29 | Journal Club | Huang, Xiaofeng, et al. "Characterization of particle number size distribution and new particle formation in Southern China." Journal of Environmental Sciences 51 (2017): 342-351.

2018.02.13 | Journal Club | Bullard, Robert L., et al. "10-Month characterization of the aerosol number size distribution and related air quality and meteorology at the Bondville, IL Midwestern background site." Atmospheric Environment 154 (2017): 348-361.

2018.04.12 | Journal Club | Peng, Yan, et al. "Aerosol size distribution and new particle formation events in the suburb of Xi'an, northwest China." Atmospheric environment 153 (2017): 194-205.

2018.05.17 | Journal Club | Hama, Sarkawt ML, et al. "Lung deposited surface area in Leicester urban background site/UK: Sources and contribution of new particle formation." Atmospheric Environment 151 (2017): 94-107.

2018.07.05 | Journal Club | Dominick, Doreena, et al. "Characteristics of airborne particle number size distributions in a coastal-urban environment." Atmospheric Environment 186 (2018): 256-265.

2018.10.18 | Journal Club | Du, Peng, et al. "Number size distribution of atmospheric particles in a suburban Beijing in the summer and winter of 2015." Atmospheric Environment 186 (2018): 32-44.

2018.12.14 | Journal Club | Wang, Xuemei, et al. "Particle number concentration, size distribution and chemical composition during haze and photochemical smog episodes in Shanghai." Journal of Environmental Sciences 26.9 (2014): 1894-1902.

Jung-Chiu CHEN | 陳榮秋

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


2017.08.31 | Journal Club | Zhuang, Bingliang, et al. "The surface aerosol optical properties in the urban area of Nanjing, west Yangtze River Delta, China." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17.2 (2017): 1143-1160.

2017.10.13 | Journal Club | Sun, T., Che, H., Qi, B., Wang, Y., Dong, Y., Xia, X., Wang, H., Gui, K., Zheng, Y., Zhao, H., Ma, Q., Du, R., and Zhang, X.: Aerosol optical characteristics and their vertical distributions under enhanced haze pollution events: effect of the regional transport of different aerosol types over eastern China, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,, in review, 2017.

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2018.05.30 | Journal Club | Xu, X., Zhao, W., Qian, X., Wang, S., Fang, B., Zhang, Q., Zhang, W., Venables, D. S., Chen, W., Huang, Y., Deng, X., Wu, B., Lin, X., Zhao, S., and Tong, Y.: Influence of photochemical aging on light absorption of atmospheric black carbon and aerosol single scattering albedo, Atmos. Chem. Phys. Discuss.,, in review, 2018.

2018.07.11 | Journal Club | Lack, D. A., and J. M. Langridge. "On the attribution of black and brown carbon light absorption using the Ångström exponent." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 13.20 (2013): 10535-10543.

2018.11.09 | Journal Club | Jung, Jinsang, et al. "Ground-based characterization of aerosol spectral optical properties of haze and Asian dust episodes under Asian continental outflow during winter 2014." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17.8 (2017): 5297-5309.

2018.12.20 | Journal Club | Cheng, Zhen, et al. "Estimation of aerosol mass scattering efficiencies under high mass loading: case study for the megacity of Shanghai, China." Environmental science & technology 49.2 (2014): 831-838.

Hao-Zhe CHANG | 張昊哲

MS Student, Yr 2016

Undergraduate School: National Kaohsiung First University of Sci. & Tech., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Safety, Health and Environmental Engr.


2016.08.26 | Journal Club | Villani, P., et al. "Design and validation of a 6-volatility tandem differential mobility analyzer (VTDMA)." Aerosol Science and Technology 41.10 (2007): 898-906.

2016.10.06 | Journal Club | Vlasenko, S. S., Su, H., Pöschl, U., Andreae, M. O., and Mikhailov, E. F. "Tandem configuration of differential mobility and centrifugal particle mass analyzers for investigating aerosol hygroscopic properties." Atmos. Meas. Tech. Discuss., in review, 2016.

2016.10.21 | Journal Club | Zhang, Yuxuan, et al. "Measuring the morphology and density of internally mixed black carbon with SP2 and VTDMA: new insight into the absorption enhancement of black carbon in the atmosphere." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 9.4 (2016): 1833-1843.

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2017.02.24 | Journal Club | Saleh, Rawad, Alan Shihadeh, and Andrey Khlystov. "Determination of evaporation coefficients of semi-volatile organic aerosols using an integrated volume—tandem differential mobility analysis (IV-TDMA) method." Journal of Aerosol Science 40.12 (2009): 1019-1029.

2017.03.30 | Journal Club | Nie, Wei, et al. "Volatility of mixed atmospheric humic-like substances and ammonium sulfate particles." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17.5 (2017): 3659-3672.

2017.05.11 | Journal Club | Wehner, B., S. Philippin, and A. Wiedensohler. "Design and calibration of a thermodenuder with an improved heating unit to measure the size-dependent volatile fraction of aerosol particles." Journal of aerosol science 33.7 (2002): 1087-1093.

2017.06.23 | Journal Club | Wehner, Birgit, et al. "Variability of non-volatile fractions of atmospheric aerosol particles with traffic influence." Atmospheric Environment 38.36 (2004): 6081-6090.

2017.08.04 | Journal Club | Dickau, Matthew, et al. "Methodology for quantifying the volatile mixing state of an aerosol." Aerosol Science and Technology 50.8 (2016): 759-772.

2017.10.13 | Journal Club | Rönkkö, Topi, et al. "Effects of gaseous sulphuric acid on diesel exhaust nanoparticle formation and characteristics." Environmental science & technology 47.20 (2013): 11882-11889.

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2018.03.25 | Journal Club | Kwon, Soon-Bark, et al. "Size-dependent volatility of diesel nanoparticles: Chassis dynamometer experiments." Environmental science & technology37.9 (2003): 1794-1802.

2018.06.21 | Journal Club | Zardini, Alessandro A., et al. "Effects of alkylate fuel on exhaust emissions and secondary aerosol formation of a 2-stroke and a 4-stroke scooter." Atmospheric environment 94 (2014): 307-315.

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  • 張昊哲、蕭大智, 建置評估串聯式電移動度分徑系統之效 建置評估串聯式電移動度分徑系統之效能, 第二十四屆國際氣膠科技研討會−2017細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)管制與氣候變遷論壇, 東海大學, 7-9 Sept. 2017.

Jie-Wen CHEN | 陳解文

MS Student, Yr 2015

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


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