Current Members

Po-Kai CHANG | 張博凱

NTU Ph.D. Student, Yr 2018

2013-2015 | M.S. Graduate Institute of Environmental Engineering,
National Central University

MS Thesis: 以數值模擬分析狹縫型虛擬衝擊器之效能


  • Po-Kai Chang  and Ta-Chih Hsiao, The numerical study of aerosol sampling inlet design for unmanned aerial vehicles, The 11th Asian Aerosol Conference, 2019, City University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, 27-30 May. 2019.


2018.08.14 | Journal Club | Kerner, Maximilian, et al. "Numerical and experimental study of submicron aerosol deposition in electret microfiber nonwovens." Journal of Aerosol Science 122 (2018): 32-44.

2018.09.20 | Journal Club | Sambaer, Wannes, Martin Zatloukal, and Dusan Kimmer. "3D air filtration modeling for nanofiber based filters in the ultrafine particle size range." Chemical engineering science 82 (2012): 299-311.

2018.10.29 | Journal Club | Hu, Shishan, and Andrew R. McFarland. "Circumferential-Slot Virtual Impactors with Stable Flow." Aerosol Science and Technology 42.9 (2008): 748-758.

2018.11.29 | Journal Club | Greene, Brian R., et al. "Considerations for temperature sensor placement on rotary-wing unmanned aircraft systems." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11.10 (2018): 5519-5530.

2018.12.28 | Journal Club | Dong, Ming, et al. "Numerical investigation on deposition process of submicron particles in collision with a single cylindrical fiber." Journal of Aerosol Science (2018).

2019.02.01 | Journal Club | Gong, H. N. K. A. R., N. K. Anand, and A. R. McFarland. "Numerical prediction of the performance of a shrouded probe sampling in turbulent flow." Aerosol science and technology 19.3 (1993): 294-304.

2019.03.21 | Journal Club | Peng, Zhong-Ren, et al. "A study of vertical distribution patterns of PM2. 5 concentrations based on ambient monitoring with unmanned aerial vehicles: A case in Hangzhou, China." Atmospheric Environment 123 (2015): 357-369.

2019.05.17 | Journal Club | Choi, Hoseop, et al. "Controlled electrostatic focusing of charged aerosol nanoparticles via an electrified mask." Journal of Aerosol Science 88 (2015): 90-97.

2019.07.22 | Journal Club | Liu, Kan, et al. "A novel CFD-based method for predicting pressure drop and dust cake distribution of ceramic filter during filtration process at macro-scale." Powder Technology 353 (2019): 27-40.

2019.09.19 | Journal Club | Li, Shuran, et al. "A numerical model for predicting particle collection efficiency of electrostatic precipitators." Powder technology 347 (2019): 170-178.

2019.11.08 | Journal Club | Minghao, Yu, et al. "Numerical simulation of three-dimensional transient flow characteristics for a dual-fluid atomizer." Engineering Applications of Computational Fluid Mechanics 13.1 (2019): 1144-1152.

2019.12.26 | Journal Club | Hong, Wenpeng, Bihui Wang, and Jianxiang Zheng. "Numerical study on the influence of fine particle deposition characteristics on wall roughness." Powder Technology 360 (2020): 120-128.

Chen-Hua WANG | 王振驊

Research Assistant, Yr 2019

2014-2018 | B.S. Department of Environmental Engineering,
National Cheng Kung University


  • Chen-Hua Wang, Yi-Ying Chen, Po-Kai Chang, Hsiao-Chi Chuang, and Ta-Chih, Hsiao, Establishment of a PM toxicity evaluation platform for tailpipe emissions under real driving conditions, The 37th American Association for Aerosol Research Annual Conference, Hotel Balik Pulau, Malacca, Malaysia, 14-18 Oct. 2019.


2019.04.26 | Journal Club | Weber, Christian, Ingrid Sundvor, and Erik Figenbaum. "Comparison of regulated emission factors of Euro 6-LDV in Nordic temperatures and cold start conditions: Diesel-and Gasoline direct-injection." Atmospheric Environment (2019).

2019.07.08 | Journal Club | Bisig, Christoph, et al. "Assessment of lung cell toxicity of various gasoline engine exhausts using a versatile in vitro exposure system." Environmental pollution 235 (2018): 263-271.

Jih-Hsun YEH | 葉日勛

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.09.02 | Journal Club | Talukdar, Shamitaksha, et al. "Influence of black carbon aerosol on the atmospheric instability." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 124.10 (2019): 5539-5554.

2019.10.23 | Journal Club | Altstädter, B., et al. "ALADINA–an unmanned research aircraft for observing vertical and horizontal distributions of ultrafine particles within the atmospheric boundary layer." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 8.4 (2015): 1627-1639.

Tsai-Ling CHEN | 陳彩鈴

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


  • Tsai-Ling Chen, Shih-Hsin Cheng, Kai-Chien Yang, Ta-Chih Hsiao, Animal Exposure Study to Investigate the Impact of Electronic Cigarette Aerosols on Atherosclerosis, International Environmental Engineering Conference & Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Environmental Engineers jointly with the 4th International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource 2019 (IEEC & BWR 2019), Busan, Korea, 10-13 Dec. 2019.

2019.09.02 | Journal Club | Nguyen, Charlene, et al. "Fine and ultrafine particles concentrations in vape shops." Atmospheric Environment 211 (2019): 159-169.

2019.10.23 | Journal Club | Williams, Monique, Jun Li, and Prue Talbot. "Effects of Model, Method of Collection, and Topography on Chemical Elements and Metals in the Aerosol of Tank-Style Electronic Cigarettes." Scientific Reports 9.1 (2019): 1-14.

Chen-Hao LAI | 賴晨昊

NTU MS Student, Yr 2019

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.11.22 | Journal Club | Chambers, Scott D., and Agnieszka Podstawczyńska. "Improved method for characterising temporal variability in urban air quality part II: Particulate matter and precursors in central Poland." Atmospheric Environment 219 (2019): 117040.

2020.01.09 | Journal Club | De La Cruz, Alex Ruben Huaman, et al. "Evaluation of the impact of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games on air quality in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil." Atmospheric Environment 203 (2019): 206-215.

Po-Chang HUNG | 洪伯彰

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Yunlin University of Science and Technology, Yunlin, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Safety Health and Environmental Engr.


2019.07.30 | Journal Club | He, Ling-Yan, et al. "Fine particle emissions from on-road vehicles in the Zhujiang Tunnel, China." Environmental science & technology 42.12 (2008): 4461-4466.

2019.09.12 | Journal Club | Lin, Y-C., et al. "Characteristics of trace metals in traffic-derived particles in Hsuehshan Tunnel, Taiwan: size distribution, potential source, and fingerprinting metal ratio." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15.8 (2015): 4117-4130.

2019.10.31 | Journal Club | Cheng, Yu-Hsiang, Zhen-Shu Liu, and Chih-Chieh Chen. "On-road measurements of ultrafine particle concentration profiles and their size distributions inside the longest highway tunnel in Southeast Asia." Atmospheric Environment 44.6 (2010): 763-772.

2019.12.19 | Journal Club | Blanco-Alegre, C., et al. "Aethalometer measurements in a road tunnel: A step forward in the characterization of black carbon emissions from traffic." Science of The Total Environment (2019): 135483.

Yu-Hsuan CHENG | 鄭宇軒

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


2019.07.30 | Journal Club | Huang, Xiao-Feng, et al. "Size distribution characteristics of elemental carbon emitted from Chinese vehicles: results of a tunnel study and atmospheric implications." Environmental science & technology 40.17 (2006): 5355-5360.

2019.11.28 | Journal Club | Li, Xiang, et al. "Size distribution of vehicle emitted primary particles measured in a traffic tunnel." Atmospheric environment 191 (2018): 9-18.

2020.01.02 | Journal Club | Hou, Cong, et al. "Characteristics and aging of traffic-derived particles in a highway tunnel at a coastal city in southern China." Science of The Total Environment 619 (2018): 1385-1393.

Kuan WU | 吳寬

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


碩士班同學 吳寬 榮獲STUDENT PAPER AWARD THIRD PLACE in the 28th Joint KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering。

  • Kuan Wu and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Using Carbonaceous Composition as PM Chemical Speciation Data for PMF Source Apportionment, The 28th Joint KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering , Taipei, 4-6 July. 2019.


2019.03.05 | Journal Club | Kim, Eugene, Philip K. Hopke, and Eric S. Edgerton. "Improving source identification of Atlanta aerosol using temperature resolved carbon fractions in positive matrix factorization." Atmospheric Environment 38.20 (2004): 3349-3362.

2019.04.18 | Journal Club | Owoade, Kayode O., et al. "Chemical compositions and source identification of particulate matter (PM2. 5 and PM2. 5–10) from a scrap iron and steel smelting industry along the Ife–Ibadan highway, Nigeria." Atmospheric Pollution Research 6.1 (2015): 107-119.

2019.06.13 | Journal Club | Moreno, Teresa, et al. "Daily and hourly sourcing of metallic and mineral dust in urban air contaminated by traffic and coal-burning emissions." Atmospheric Environment 68 (2013): 33-44.

2019.08.05 | Journal Club | Chen, L-W. Antony, et al. "Toward effective source apportionment using positive matrix factorization: Experiments with simulated PM2. 5 data." Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association 60.1 (2010): 43-54.

Yi-Da LI | 李易達

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: National Chung Hsing University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Engr.


碩士班同學 李易達 榮獲第二十六屆國際氣膠科技研討會學生論文短獎競賽第三名。

  • Yi-Da Li and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Changes of Black Carbon Particles Properties Induced by Ambient Air Along with Simulated Sunlight, 26th International Conference on Aerosol Science and Technology 2019 Conference on Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Air Quality, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, 4-5 Oct. 2019.

  • Yi-Da Li and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Changes of Black Carbon Particles Properties Induced by Ambient Air Along with Simulated Sunlight, THE 15TH INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ATMOSPHERIC SCIENCES AND APPLICATIONS TO AIR QUALITY, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 28-30 Oct. 2019.

2018.10.11 | Journal Club | Farmer, Delphine K., and Jose L. Jimenez. "Real-time atmospheric chemistry field instrumentation." (2010): 7879-7884.

2018.11.14 | Journal Club | Bal, Manisha, Thamatam Tejaswini Reddy, and B. C. Meikap. "Removal of HCl Gas from Off Gases using Self-Priming Venturi Scrubber." Journal of hazardous materials (2018).

2018.12.13 | Journal Club | Pak, S. I., and K. S. Chang. "Performance estimation of a Venturi scrubber using a computational model for capturing dust particles with liquid spray." Journal of hazardous materials 138.3 (2006): 560-573.

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2019.06.05 | Journal Club | Peng, Jianfei, et al. "Markedly enhanced absorption and direct radiative forcing of black carbon under polluted urban environments." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113.16 (2016): 4266-4271.

2019.08.02 | Journal Club | Li, Kangwei, et al. "Smog chamber study on aging of combustion soot in isoprene/SO2/NOx system: Changes of mass, size, effective density, morphology and mixing state." Atmospheric Research 184 (2017): 139-148.

2019.09.12 | Journal Club | Zhang, Renyi, et al. "Variability in morphology, hygroscopicity, and optical properties of soot aerosols during atmospheric processing." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 105.30 (2008): 10291-10296.

2019.11.14 | Journal Club | Pierce, J. R., et al. "Constraining particle evolution from wall losses, coagulation, and condensation-evaporation in smog-chamber experiments: optimal estimation based on size distribution measurements." Aerosol Science and Technology 42.12 (2008): 1001-1015.

2019.12.19 | Journal Club | Peng, Jianfei, et al. "Ageing and hygroscopicity variation of black carbon particles in Beijing measured by a quasi-atmospheric aerosol evolution study (QUALITY) chamber." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17.17 (2017): 10333-10348.

Li-Ti CHOU | 周立媞

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


  • Li-Ti Chou and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Development and validation of an online method for determination of the oxidative potential of airborne fine particulate matter, The 28th Joint KAIST-KU-NTU-NUS Symposium on Environmental Engineering , Taipei, 4-6 July. 2019.

  • Li-Ti Chou and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Oxidative Potential of Airborne Particulate Matters in Taiwan Urban Area, International Environmental Engineering Conference & Annual Meeting of the Korean Society of Environmental Engineers jointly with the 4th International Conference on Biological Waste as Resource 2019 (IEEC & BWR 2019), Busan, Korea, 10-13 Dec. 2019.


2018.08.07 | Journal Club | Eiguren-Fernandez, Arantzazu, Nathan Kreisberg, and Susanne Hering. "An online monitor of the oxidative capacity of aerosols (o-MOCA)." Atmospheric measurement techniques 10.2 (2017): 633.

2018.08.30 | Journal Club | Cho, Arthur K., et al. "Redox activity of airborne particulate matter at different sites in the Los Angeles Basin." Environmental Research 99.1 (2005): 40-47.

2018.10.18 | Journal Club | Liu, Qingyang, et al. "Oxidative potential and inflammatory impacts of source apportioned ambient air pollution in Beijing." Environmental science & technology 48.21 (2014): 12920-12929.

2018.11.22 | Journal Club |Puthussery, Joseph V., Chen Zhang, and Vishal Verma. "Development and field testing of an online instrument for measuring the real-time oxidative potential of ambient particulate matter based on dithiothreitol assay." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 11.10 (2018): 5767-5780.

2018.12.21 | Journal Club | Samake, A., et al. "The unexpected role of bioaerosols in the Oxidative Potential of PM." Scientific reports 7.1 (2017): 10978.

2019.01.23 | Journal Club | King, L. E., and R. J. Weber. "Development and testing of an online method to measure ambient fine particulate reactive oxygen species (ROS) based on the 2', 7'-dichlorofluorescin (DCFH) assay." Atmospheric Measurement Techniques 6.7 (2013): 1647-1658.

2019.03.14 | Journal Club | Charrier, Jessica G., et al. "Oxidant production from source-oriented particulate matter–Part 1: Oxidative potential using the dithiothreitol (DTT) assay." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 15.5 (2015): 2327-2340.

2019.05.02 | Journal Club | Charrier, J. G., and C. Anastasio. "On dithiothreitol (DTT) as a measure of oxidative potential for ambient particles: evidence for the importance of soluble transition metals." Atmospheric chemistry and physics (Print) 12.5 (2012): 11317.

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2020.01.09 | Journal Club | Yu, Haoran, Joseph V. Puthussery, and Vishal Verma. "A Semi-Automated Multi-Endpoint Reactive Oxygen Species Activity Analyzer (SAMERA) for measuring the Oxidative Potential of Ambient PM2. 5 Aqueous Extracts." Aerosol Science and Technology just-accepted (2019): 1-22.

Che-An WU | 吳哲安

NTU MS Student, Yr 2018

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


碩士班同學 吳哲安 榮獲大氣科學研究生研討會碩士班組論文競賽優等獎。

  • Che-An Wu and Ta-Chih Hsiao, A hyphenated volatile tandem differential mobility analyzer, aerosol particle mass analyzer and cloud condensation nuclei counter (VT-DMA-APM-CCNc) system, 2019 台灣地球科學聯合學術研討會 TGA, 台北世貿南港展覽館, 14-17 May. 2019.

  • Che-An Wu and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Aerosol’s volatility, hygroscopicity and effective density in Taiwan urban area, 2019 Theory & Technique International Aerosol Conference and Malaysia Air Quality Annual Symposium, Hotel Balik Pulau, Malacca, Malaysia, 7-10 Aug. 2019.

  • Che-An Wu and Ta-Chih Hsiao, Aerosol’s volatility, hygroscopicity and effective density in Taiwan urban area, 26th International Conference on Aerosol Science and Technology 2019 Conference on Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) and Air Quality, Chung Yuan Christian University, Taiwan, 4-5 Oct. 2019.

2018.08.24 | Journal Club | Kuwata, Mikinori, Yutaka Kondo, and Nobuyuki Takegawa. "Critical condensed mass for activation of black carbon as cloud condensation nuclei in Tokyo." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres 114.D20 (2009).

2018.10.04 | Journal Club | Saha, Provat K., Andrey Khlystov, and Andrew P. Grieshop. "Downwind evolution of the volatility and mixing state of near-road aerosols near a US interstate highway." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18.3 (2018): 2139-2154.

2018.11.07 | Journal Club | Gao, Chloe Y., Susanne E. Bauer, and Kostas Tsigaridis. "Can semi-volatile organic aerosols lead to fewer cloud particles?." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 18.19 (2018): 14243-14251.


2018.12.08 | Journal Club | Zhang, Yinxiao, et al. "Direct observations of fine primary particles from residential coal burning: insights into their morphology, composition, and hygroscopicity." Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres (2018).

2019.01.04 | Journal Club | Tang, Xiaochen, et al. "Cloud condensation nuclei (CCN) activity of aliphatic amine secondary aerosol." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 14.12 (2014): 5959-5967.

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2019.12.26 | Journal Club | Salo, Kent, et al. "Aerosol volatility and enthalpy of sublimation of carboxylic acids." The Journal of Physical Chemistry A 114.13 (2010): 4586-4594.

Ya-Shiuan LIU | 劉亞璇

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


  • 劉亞璇、侯文哲、蕭大智*, 建立與開發串聯DMA-SP ICP-MS複合系統以即時分析大氣奈米微粒之分徑成份分佈, 2018玉山永續環境論壇暨第15屆環境保護與奈米科技學術研討會, 國立成功大學, 22 May 2018.

2017.08.24 | Journal Club | Myojo, Toshihiko, Mitsutoshi Takaya, and Mariko Ono-Ogasawara. "DMA as a gas converter from aerosol to" argonsol" for real-time chemical analysis using ICP-MS." Aerosol Science & Technology 36.1 (2002): 76-83.

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Ting-Hsuan WANG | 王婷萱

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2017.09.15 | Journal Club | Shen, X. J., et al. "Characterization of submicron aerosols and effect on visibility during a severe haze-fog episode in Yangtze River Delta, China." Atmospheric Environment 120 (2015): 307-316.

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Sih-Yu CHEN | 陳思宇

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


2017.09.30 | Journal Club | Zhu, Yifang, et al. "Concentration and size distribution of ultrafine particles near a major highway." Journal of the air & waste management association 52.9 (2002): 1032-1042.

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Jung-Chiu CHEN | 陳榮秋

MS Student, Yr 2017

Undergraduate School: Tamkang University, New Taipei City, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Water Resources and Environmental Engineering


2017.08.31 | Journal Club | Zhuang, Bingliang, et al. "The surface aerosol optical properties in the urban area of Nanjing, west Yangtze River Delta, China." Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics 17.2 (2017): 1143-1160.

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Hao-Zhe CHANG | 張昊哲

MS Student, Yr 2016

Undergraduate School: National Kaohsiung First University of Sci. & Tech., Kaohsiung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Safety, Health and Environmental Engr.


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Jie-Wen CHEN | 陳解文

MS Student, Yr 2015

Undergraduate School: Tunghai University, Taichung, Taiwan

Undergraduate Major: Environmental Sci. & Engr.


  • Ta-Chih Hsiao, Chieh-Wen Chen, Justin Chun-Te Lin, Yao-Chuan Lee, Experimental Study of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile Ultrafine Fibers in Nanoparticle Filtration, The 12th World Filtration Congress, Taipei, Taiwan, 11-15 Apr. 2016.

  • 陳解文、蕭大智、林俊德、李曜全, 靜電紡絲製備PAN纖維濾材之奈米微粒過濾效率特性研究, 第23 屆國際氣膠科技研討會 暨 細懸浮微粒(PM2.5)管制與健康照護研討會, 國立陽明大學, 23-24 Sept. 2016.

  • Jie-Wen Chen, Ta-Chih Hsiao and Justin Chun-Te Lin, Experimental Study of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile and Cellulose Triacetate Ultrafine Fibers in Nanoparticle Filtration, 第14 屆環境保護與奈米科技學術研討會暨奈米科技應用展望論壇, 東海大學, 19 May 2017.


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